My paintings play with connections—what it means to have a clear path, and adversely what it feels like to forgo the path and discover your surroundings. I’m interested in the emotional journey of our lives; the clarity and the confusion, the balance and instability, and what that looks like on the canvas. Unexpected color palettes, a variety of layers, and imaginative mark-making are my tools of choice to create pieces that allow for each viewer to transport their emotions into the painting and discover something of themselves.

Now you can paint with me anytime, anywhere! I'm so thrilled to finally be able to offer a way for those who have a tight schedule or aren't in the Atlanta area to learn how to paint in an abstract style with me! Perfect for all levels, awaken your artistic talent and continue your education by learning how to approach abstract painting with new techniques, color palettes and compositions all from the comfort of your own home and schedule.

For beginners or those needing a refresher, my Intro to Abstract and Abstract II classes are always available to rent. For those wanting to continue their education, there will be a new abstract painting class available to you every month, available for a one time rental or monthly subscription
(Monthly/Subscription classes will begin October 1st 2019).

Supply Lists for each class are available on my studio and virtual classroom websites, and linked to my favorite art supplier for easy online shopping.


All inquiries please contact me through my contact page here.

To see all of my available work, check out my portfolio page here.